Van Essen Studio has always been an oddball out there. Are we web designers? Are we Graphic Designers? UX? What does that even mean?

Even though we have had enough business it was time for us to help you guys out and take some confusion away. In short, we are a creative agency that provides solutions for businesses small and big. A solution begs for a problem, and problems is a thing we see a lot in many businesses. Think outdated marketing, inconsistent design, absent web presence or even as simple as a convoluted work flow.

Take Performance Edge for example. When they hired us, they already had a website and some marketing material but they were spending way too much money on solutions to streamline their business that promise much more than they delivered. Performance Edge hired us to tweak their website, marketing material and to streamline their business. Here at Van Essen Studio we are pretty proud that the amount we cost is lower than the amount we saved Performance Edge.

In this case Performance Edge was paying a monthly amount to two apps that they barely used but felt obligated to use because they had no clear workflow for their digital marketing. Not that the software they were using was bad, it was just overkill for Performance Edge. After training the team with some best practices and designing some custom items, they were able to cancel their subscriptions.

The way we look at it, Performance Edge had a problem and needed a solution. Not just a new website, or a new brochure. An end to end solution and that’s what we do. We pride ourselves in being a team of UX Designers that are familiar with both code and design but will not base those things on the latest trend or aesthetic feeling. We base it on data we gather on a daily basis so that your solution is tailored to your needs, market and business.

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