Wearing the Same Thing Every Day

When Michel got the text asking if he wanted to participate in the Little Black Dress Project, I was sorely tempted to let him go on without me. The same suit, every day, for an entire month seemed intense enough, I couldn’t imagine wearing the same black dress for that time. Then, feeling a little guilty, I volunteered and, no, I had not put enough thought into it beforehand.

It began with picking the actual dress. Which was less picking, and more grabbing the only thing that made any practical sense in my closet (sleeveless and sequined doesn’t quite cut it in the fading winter weather). I have since regretted my choice on many occasions, as I try to stuff the winged sleeves under things or make it work with more than one pair of pants.

Through all the frustration and general feeling of being unclean (don’t worry, we have washed our outfits in the last 26 days 🙂 ) there was still one prevailing thought.

This would be least of anyone else’s problems.

The spirit of this project is to gain a small understanding for those who have no choices. No choice in where they live, what they eat and certainly what they wear. But beyond that, they do not get a say in their sexual abuse. Their bodies are not their own. To say I am humbled in the comparison is an understatement.

And it is their need to be heard that spurs us into action. This year, the LBD Project benefits an organization that aids boys 16 years or younger which also has a special place in our heart. Often society does not discuss boys who are victims yet these are boys that will one day be men. And Black Box International helps them be men that change the world for the better.

So if you have $10 to spare, consider giving this month. Every dollar helps advance the healing of those boys!

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