Switching to Windows

Last September 2016, VES was anxiously awaiting the announcement of the new MacBook Pro. Our MacBook Pro was from 2012 and starting to show it’s age. Like many creatives, we absolutely love MacBooks. We used it for almost all our design work, all our coding and the two tools I used most is Terminal and Preview. Terminal for easy python programming, git and general purposes. Preview for super quick image cropping and resizing. Almost every day I come across an image that needs some optimization, resizing and cropping and preview was just unparalleled by anything else. Of course, I could fire up Photoshop or Pixelmator to do exactly that but it would take minutes, not seconds.

Also like many creatives, we were super frustrated by the underwhelming release of the new MacBook. On the lower end there was a Dual core MacBook with specs that just didn’t do it for us. On the higher end, well… there was no higher end. We had to wait all the way till ‘now’ to find a similar specced MacBook to what we have now. Our MacBook was a little over $2500 and you can get a similar one for that price and I’m sure that MacBook will not surprise. We however, could not wait. We replaced one machine in August 2016 with a Yoga 900 and my wife hasn’t touched the MacBook ever since. It was my wife that I was most concerned about as she’s been a Mac user for even longer than me. My MacBook became too slow for my work so I started gathering PC parts to build my own PC. I don’t need a laptop because I work from our home office (which I intend to write about as well, it’s an awesome converted one car garage). The total cost of my machine is around $1000 including peripherals and monitor.

Now of course, with all of us at VES being Mac users, there was quite some fear that the transition wouldn’t go to well. My wife wasn’t a problem as mentioned before, so that leaves me and after a week of using Windows exclusively I must say I’m really happy. Windows nowadays has Bash for Windows, meaning I can keep on using a terminal like experience and Windows also released their new Paint 3D which, I have to admit, sounds horrid. Paint 3D handles quick cropping and image optimization just as quick as MacOs preview does. Phew, it looks like I’ve survived.

As for price, it’s amazing what value we got by going the windows route. The Yoga came fully specced (I7 6560U, 512GB M.2 NVME, 16GB RAM) and has a higher resolution than even the 15 Inch MacBook Pro with 3200×1800. We got a great deal on and picked it up for $800. The PC was $1000 (i5 7600K, 16Gb ram 128GB sata – will replace this) and comes in a beautiful case. I’ll write again about our Windows switch in a couple of months to see if the experience is still positive.


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