Lend a Box

Everyone has to move sometime.  Our personal journey began when Janice needed to get some boxes pronto.  But it was raining.  And her daughter was having a two-year old moment.  So she didn’t want to go out on that very, very wet day to solve this problem.  Instead, she turned to her trusty computer and perused the internet looking for a company that would deliver boxes to her.  She came up with no results (mind you this was before the green box revolution had really started) and out of this incredibly frustrating day, the idea for Lend A Box was formed.

Right around this time, Stephanie turned 40.  We decided to take a barefoot cruise in the Caribbean to celebrate. Without any access to the internet for ten whole days, our trusty cell phones were tucked away into our cabin and….. we relaxed and talked and talked and talked.  Hundreds of miles away from the cares of our worlds, we mapped out Janice’s idea for Lend A Box.

It took us awhile to build out the company on paper.  Then we rebuilt it entirely again when we actually started deliveries in 2013.  Our company has grown through several evolutions, to become the vibrant and interesting group we are today.  If you had asked us what we were building when we started, it certainly wasn’t what we have today.  But that’s what makes us so awesome.  Being nimble and flexible, we can maneuver into places others cannot. We built a logistics company, that happens to deal in boxes.  And we love it.